About Us


Fresh Floors was established in 1999. Our business philosophy is to provide the best customer service available, at comparable pricing, and offer our clients operational excellence to guarantee customer satisfaction. 

Our principles, sales representatives and staff are trained to provide the best support to our customers. Our current management group has a combined 90 years of experience in flooring.


We are proud members of these industry organizations:


We Care About The





As you may be aware, the disposal of carpet is a major problem. Until recently, the most common method of disposal of refuse from re-carpeting was the local landfill. A 2002 study by the carpet industry and representatives from various levels of the government released an estimate that 4.5 billion pounds of carpet refuse would end up in the landfill.

Fresh Floors has been recycling carpet cushion since it's inception and we teamed up with specialized companies in a recycling process that enables us to send virtually no carpet to the land fill.

Fresh Floors is committed to the preservation of our environment.

For more information on recycling please visit these sites: Smartgrowth.org and EPA.gov

Quality Control


It is our goal to provide the best service available to the marketplace.

This involves a process of screening all of our installers. It also includes having our sales representatives and our quality control inspector check all of the installations performed by our installers.

Because our quality control inspectors are former installers and have a full complement of tools and supplies on hand, small repairs and touch-ups can be handled on the spot.




We have been in business for nearly two decades.


Our team offers a combined 90 years of experience and excellence.


Over twenty-five mechanics and helpers have been with us since the beginning.